Top Liquid Foundations

Top Liquid Foundations

Liquids can be so tricky, can’t they?  Over the years, formulas for liquid foundations just seem to be getting better and better!  Still, when you have over 100 brands to pick from, it can be confusing!  Check out my 3 favorite liquid foundations!

Mac Face & Body Foundation


  • Coverage: Sheer; buildable
  • Cost: $27 for 1.7oz, $35 for 4oz
  • Commitment: Medium/high
  • Skin type:  Normal
  • Brush: Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki or Duo Fiber brush.  Highly recommend the Beauty Blender
  • Finish: Natural to Satin
  • My color: C2

So I would bathe in this if I could.  No lie I used this as a primer on my wedding day.  That’s right, I wore a foundation as a primer.  I don’t use this daily, but I love it!  This stuff is extremely liquidy, I recommend applying it with either a flat-top kabuki brush or a small duo fiber brush.  Since this stuff is so liquidy, it tends to streak if you don’t blend it enough.  I recommend using a beauty blender (makeup sponge) to get that perfect finish.  This foundation has very light, sheer coverage but is very buildable.  It leaves a pretty satin finish if you wear it by itself.  I still dust on my Mac powder after I put it on, but you don’t have to.  I like to wear this foundation in the summer as it is so lightweight.  I love how it is packaged, the bottle squeezes and it comes out of a dropper (why can’t all liquids come like this?!).  Lasts FOREVER and I only bought the 50ml!  I wouldn’t splurge for the larger bottle unless you see yourself using it for at least a year.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation


  • Coverage: Medium
  • Cost: $42 for 1.01oz
  • Commitment: Medium
  • Skin type:  Any
  • Brush: Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki or Duo Fiber brush.  Highly recommend the Beauty Blender
  • Finish: HD!  Okay, Naturally matte
  • My color: 120 in the winter, 120+153 in the summer

I know what you’re thinking…$42?…Wtf Katy.  I know, I know…and I don’t even have a job.  But seriously, this foundation is so good.  I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it (including my mom!).  It is easily applied with either a duo fiber brush or flat top kabuki brush.  (Again, I recommend blending it with a Beauty Blender but it is not required.)  This foundation is worth the money.  It photographs wonderfully and leaves the skin looking flawless.  It lasts all day and is difficult to remove!  When I went to Sephora, they originally matched me to 128 (Medium with almond undertones).  For anyone who is curious:  whenever a foundation name says “beige” or “almond”- that is code for PINK.  Not hella pink, but on the cooler side.  My skin is more neutral to warm than pink, so I always switch my shade to something more neutral.  The Sephora website is a great tool to understanding undertones of each shade.  One important thing to remember with the HD foundation is that you can’t just bump up to the next shade if your color is too light.  For example, if my shade is 115 but is too light, I can’t just bump up to shade 117.  Shade 115 has pink undertones and shade 117 is completely different with yellow undertones.  So beware of that!  In my opinion, this foundation does not get darker as it oxidizes like most other liquid foundations. I don’t love the pump that it comes in…like I know there is more in there that I can scrape out.  That and the plastic lid ALWAYS breaks.  Overall, this is my favorite liquid foundation.

 Mac Studio Fix Fluid


  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Cost: $27 for 1oz
  • Commitment: Medium
  • Skin type:  Dry to Combination
  • Brush: Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki or Duo Fiber brush.  Highly recommend the Beauty Blender
  • Finish: Natural Matte
  • My color: NC25

The smell of this foundation is no joke.  I smell like I have a Mac store on my face.  Nonetheless, it is a great choice for liquid!  This foundation is buildable with layers, you can get really great, full coverage with it.  A lot of people believe that this foundation is overrated, and maybe it is.  But it works!  Similar to the other liquids, I apply it with a flat top kabuki brush and blend it with a wet Beauty Blender.  It provides an initial fuller coverage than the MUFE HD.  I typically wear this for nights I am about to go get wasted because it does not move.  I love mixing this one with the HD foundation as well- you get the best of both worlds; full coverage with a soft focus finish!  Be careful with this one- when it oxidizes it gets darker.  Don’t be alarmed if it is a tad too light when you put it on.  I like that this comes in glass.  You can buy the optional pump with it for $9 but I have never found it to be necessary.