Foundation 101

Foundation 101

Okay, so what girl ISN’T on the hunt for finding the best foundation?  If you’re not…then get out of here…we don’t want your kind.  JK!  The ugly truth of it is that you could find your perfect foundation…the shade makes you look perfectly sunkissed…the luminosity of it makes you look like a goddess. and then-  Oh crap.  Summer is here.  Now you look like a greasy ghost.  Not cute.  Time to start the sick cycle over again.  Am I warm?  Am I cool?  Is my skin dry?  I don’t think so…but I get these weird crustaceans around my nose during the winter…does that make me dry?  Screw it…I’m just gonna wear this Cover Girl compact until I get my life together.

Calm down!  It will be okay.  I will go over all the details. My first advice is to make sure you buy the right foundation based on a few things: commitment, coverage, and cost.

 -3Commitment:  If you plan on doing your makeup in the car on the way to work every morning, I would suggest you stay away from liquids.  The last thing you need is a flesh colored blob on your freshly ironed white blouse.   If you want the easier, no fuss foundation routine, I would stick with a powder.  Depending on the brand, you can have soft or full coverage and limit the amount of brushes you need.  I would still invest in a full, fluffy round brush for a powder foundation.  If you don’t mind spending a few extra minutes getting that perfect coverage, I would go for a liquid.  (We will still go over liquid vs. powder for different skin types)


Coverage:  Most foundations are buildable; meaning that you can apply many layers to get the desired amount of coverage.  I personally believe that liquid is a little bit more forgiving in terms of layering.  If you build up the layers thin enough, it can look amazing.  Of course there is the dreaded “cake face” if you layer it too much.  Powder is a bit trickier to layer.  However, there are both full and light coverage foundations for both powder and liquid…making it that much harder to find the right one!


Cost:  Here is the tough one.  Foundations can range from $4 at the Drugstore to pretty much any price you can imagine.  The good thing about foundations is that they DO last a long time.  I don’t typically try out the drugstore brands… but why?  Because I can’t try them on!  Yeah, I could buy it…go home…try it out…then return it.  But that sounds like a huge pain to me.  I’ll stick to spending a few extra bucks to get my color matched at a Sephora or Mac store.  With a powder foundation you will probably still need to invest in a brush (very important!). For those who have NO idea what kind of brush to get- I will go over what brushes to buy in each foundation review.

 Getting color matched:  When I go to a MAC or Sephora, I prefer to match myself.  Especially if someone with a dark orange face wants to match me I’m all like.. “thanks boo…I got it!”  :/  The key to getting matched is to do it in natural daylight.  In the Bay Area, there are a ton of Sephora and MAC stores that are free-standing and not in a mall.  If you get matched in a mall, I would suggest looking outside in natural daylight before making your purchase.  The difference in lighting can be CRUCIAL!  I also NEVER match to my face-  if I do, I am creepy white.  I typically match to my neck or chest.  What is the difference?  Well, matching to my face I would be a cool light shade.  Matching to my neck or chest I would be a Neutral/Warm medium shade.  Cool=pink undertones and warm=yellow/olive undertones.

 My foundation preference: I prefer a full, natural coverage.  What does that mean?  Well, since my face is about 24 times whiter than my body (I always wear makeup which has SPF!)  it takes some sorcery to get my face to match my neck.  I prefer liquid and set it with a powder.  I tend to go a TAD lighter with my foundation and deepen it with bronzers.  I also do literally every step in the book when it comes to foundation.  Conceal, foundation, bronzer, contour, highlight, blush, and finishing powder.  Why?  Because I want to!  Alright.  Time to get to my favorite foundations!