Eyeliner Must Have

Eyeliner Must Have

My eyeliner routine has not changed much over the years.  I CAN’T STOP THE WING.  I have tried…there are days where I’m like..ok.  No wing today.  But then when I go to apply liner…I have no idea where to stop.  I just.. can’t.  Before I know it, my wing is damn near touching my eyebrow.  Once I started using Inglot products, I had to try their gel liners.

This stuff is ridiculous.  I used Mac’s Fluidline in Blacktrack for years.  I always wondered one thing…can’t this black get any blacker?  The main problem I had with Mac’s Fluidline is that it dries out way too quickly.  You will not have that problem with Inglot’s gel liners.  Not to mention that once you put it on- it is waterproof and smudge-proof!  Wow!  I am one of the lucky ones that does not suffer from leaky-eye syndrome, but after working a 10 hour day my eyeliner would look like s**t with Blacktrack.  Not with Inglot!  THIS IS THE BLACKEST black you will find!  Inglot’s Gel liner in #77!  They also have over 25 more shades!  You know..in case brown or yellow is your thing.  I have the white (#76) to give myself a weird double wing for when I’m feelin’ friggidy fresh.


My recommendation with this liner is to use a small angular brush to apply it and to clean that brush REGULARLY.  Please don’t be one of those people that lets 2 years of eyeliner build up on your brush until it looks like a giant crusty turd.  Gross.  If you don’t have an Inglot store near you (so if you don’t live in Vegas or NY), try your local Macy’s.  Some of them have an Inglot counter now!  Yay for instant gratification!


For my waterline, I prefer a kohl liner.  Kohl means that it is softer and smudges more than a typical pencil.  My eyes don’t water much either, so kohl works well for me.  If your eyes tend to be watery  would suggest using a pencil.  My FAV eyeliner is definitely the Urban Decay 24/7 liners!  You already know I need the blackest black.  I love their new “Perversion” color.  I apply this to my waterline and set it with the Blacktrack eyeshadow from Urban Decay.  These go on so smoothly, are easily blendable, last all day AND are available in a ton of colors!