Dose of Colors

Dose of Colors

Being an official @makeupbyanna fan, I couldn’t have been more excited when she started her own line of cosmetics.  I was waiting for my IMATS trip to pick up a few glosses, lipsticks, and lashes.  I always prefer buying new products in person rather than online, but sometimes you have no choice!  Dose of Colors had one of the best booths I have seen for a newer makeup line.  Not only that, but she had some awesome artists there helping her out!  Everyone looked so fabulous.

For starters, the packaging is so cute!  Every girl is a sucker for a cute box, and you know it’s good when you wait after a few times of using it to actually throw it away.



Left: Purple Fusion Right: Petals- Retail $15.00

I had to pick up these two shades, I live for cool pinks and purples.  I love that this purple is blue based and not red based like many of the other purple shades out there.  This is a TRUE violet ultra pigmented purple!  The pink is a gorgeous pale pink with blue undertones.  The formula of this lip gloss is incredible.  You would think they are super sticky looking at them, but nope!  These guys are super buttery and pigmented without the stick!  WOOHOO that means half my hair won’t be stuck to my face all day!


Dose of Colors Purple Fusion on mah lips:


I only got one lipstick this time but I wish I got more.  Dark Secrets is a gorgeous deep red based purple.  I wore this lipcolor with no lipliner (I forgot my Nightmoth!) and it still looked great!  Lasted long and went on super creamy.  One application and I had full, opaque coverage.  (No having to rub it over and over again!) You can trust with Dose of Colors lip products that you get what you see!


Dark Secrets- Retail  $16.00

Here is me rockin’ Dose of Colors Dark Secrets:


I made an impulse buy and bought a pair of lashes.  I typically only wear Ardell Wispies because I prefer a thinner band and longer lashes.  I decided to grab a pair of the Dose of Colors “Double Dose” because I was so impressed with her other products.  What I love most about these is how thin the band is.  If lashes are not comfortable on me, they will be gone in an hour.  The band on these was easily bendable and lightweight!  Anna told us that she made these bands longer so that they extend all the way across your eye.  I’ve got rather large ojos and they go all the way across!


Lashes: Double Dose- Retail $14.00 (Do you see what it says?!- “These lashes have been know to cause extreme sexiness”  OMG I die!)

I’m looking forward to using more of the Dose of Colors line…and what I’m REALLY hoping for is that Anna comes out with some lipliners!  I’m crossing my fingers that it’s in the works!  With all the new “online-only” makeup lines popping up all over the place, it feels great to be able to buy products that are true to what you see on their website.  Not only that, but I will continue to buy from Dose of Colors because Anna is such a sweet, humble person!