Watch my video review on YouTube of the NYX “Turn the Other Cheek” palette!  But if the sound of my voice repulses you- scroll down to read my written review…

How cute is this palette?!  I HAD to pick it up at IMATS this year.  This palette retails for $25 but I was able to grab it for $19.  This typically isn’t something I would buy, but there was a weird gravitational pull sucking me in and I couldn’t break it.  Equipped with 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, and 3 highlighters, this thing is seriously all inclusive.   The shadows are gorgeously neutral.   Eight of these shadows are matte and the other 7 are soft satiny shades with touches of shimmer.  What’s the verdict?  I loved all the matte shades, and I DID love all the shimmer shades ….on my finger.  Until they touched my eye, that is.  Once I put a brush to them all that shimma fell on my face.  I know, I was disappointed too.  I think if you used a synthetic brushed and packed it on your lid over a NYX jumbo pencil, you might have more luck with maintaining the color and shimmer.  Here are some swatches of the 15 shades of shadows, the first 8 are the matte shades and the last 7 are shimmers.

Blog numbered


shimmer swatch

The blushes really are gorgeous, but on the brighter side.  If you use a really small amount, I think it could work on fairer skin.  I think these blushes were made for the ones with the tanner skin tones, though.  They definitely pop! I had some difficulty getting my brush into the blush, as I didn’t want to get highlighter all over the place.

numbered blogblush swatch

These highlights…..OOOOO I love!  Beautiful.  All of them are ultra soft and very silky.

highlight swatch

So- is it worth it?  Totally!  If you’re the type of girl that can fit all your makeup in one bag, (I never understood how that works!) then this is for you!  Just pop this in your suitcase along with a few essentials and you have a ton of different looks all in one compact for your whole trip!  For people like me who bring an entire duffel bag of makeup everywhere no matter what, it’s still worth it!  Nyx has some great products for a great price.  Overall, this is definitely a keeper.