Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellami Hair Extensions

If you’re like me, once your hair grows to a certain length- it just stops after that.  It doesn’t necessarily stop, it just grows unevenly and looks gangly and gross.  I’ve always wanted full luscious ponytails and now I can finally do it!  I have never wanted extensions before, I am more of a messy bun kinda chick, but now everyone has them!  There are so many options out there.  I did my research and purchased the brand I felt would be the highest quality for a reasonable price.

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Just to give you a little background info on my hair, I have long naturally brown hair.  It is around 18 inches in my longest layer, and I have a ton of layers.  Seriously, a ton.  Last year I decided to go caramel ombre, and now I am almost full-on blonde!  With dark roots, of course.  I finally caved in and got the Bellami Hair Extensions!

Bellami offers a few different weights and lengths of hair-                                                          

  • Piccolina 18′ 140grams $99.99
  • Bambina 20′ 160grams $159.99
  • Bellissima 22′ 220grams $209.99
  • Lilly 20′ 260grams $289.99

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The grams refers to the weight of the hair.  The more grams, the more hair!  At first I figured all I needed is the Piccolina set, it’s not like I’m trying to  look like a freakin’ mermaid or anything.  So, I got the Piccolina set.  Then I thought “I’m buying hair EXTENSIONS, shouldn’t they be longer than my natural hair?  I mean, I can cut them if I want to, right?  I could always use 20 extra grams.”  Yes, those were all the thoughts that went through my head which lead me to canceling my order for the 18″ extensions and ordering the 20’s.   Bellami was very quick in their responses and in canceling and refunding my order.  They called me things like “Love” and “Gorgeous”.  I thought that was a bit odd but I can’t complain, you know?  I am fabulous.

Since my hair was on backorder, and got backordered again, I had to wait a few grueling weeks prior to getting my package of weave.  It finally arrived!  Your Bellamis will arrive in a USPS envelope, and tucked neatly inside is your package of Bellami!  I ordered mine in Dirty Blonde, thinking it would be a perfect match to my hair.

smallfeb-0029Package as you will receive it in the mail 

There is a section on the bottom of the package where you can open it to match it to your hair without breaking the main seal.  This “tester” hair is actually one of your 2 clip wefts, not just a generous sample. 🙂



I tried to take a TON of photos in natural lighting so you can see the quality, thickness, and color.  This  was before I did anything to them.  The Bambina set comes with 10 total wefts (DANG!  I can’t fit that many on my head at once!)  To see an awesome comparison of all the different weights,  click here.

smallfeb-0036Close-up of the entire bundle fresh out of the package- hella hair bro!

smallfeb-00313-clip 20″ weft 

smallfeb-0034This was a 4-clip weft, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in one shot! 

smallfeb-0032Close up of one of the clips- they’re secure!

smallfeb-0039Here are the 4- 1.5″ wefts.  I can’t really see myself having a need for these ones…so far…

smallfeb-0040Here are the 2 -3 clip wefts

Quality:  The verdict of these extensions: Wow!  They are ultra thick, the ponytail of the Bellami bundle is thicker than my ponytail!  How sad!  Well, that’s why I bought them.  The color was definitely different than I was expecting.  Not saying that in a bad way, but it was just more…beige.   That’s all my hairdresser kept saying when she was referring to it…”aren’t they just so beige? Vickie, come look at these extensions, come see how beige they are.”  “Wow, those are really beige.”   I couldn’t put my finger on it when I stared at them at home and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t match my hair, but I do now.  They’re beige.  Similar to my post about foundation, beige means it’s rosier.  I’m not saying it’s pink hair, but it had a champagne tint to it.   Even though I use purple shampoo to get rid of all the brassy orange tones in my blonde, my hair sure felt brassy next to these extensions.

Color:  My fab hairdresser lifted my hair (bleached?) and toned it again so I could match the extensions better.  She suggested that we did not do anything to the extensions as it was most likely not virgin hair.  She had some horror stories for me regarding bleaching and toning other sets of extensions, and since they were so processed already, they turned green!  So I decided to again, change my life to work with the extensions.  They blend beautifuly now!

Cut:  These extensions were so thick!  And because they were so thick, they were very blunt on the bottom.  Since I have super layered hair, I had to get them texturized.  Originally I was thinking of cutting an inch or two off, but she just ending up adding some texture with a razor and it worked wonders.  I would recommend buying these extensions with the intent of getting them texturized, unless you have 0 layers.