Eyebrow Game

Eyebrow Game

It probably took me around 6 years to figure out how to do my brows in a way that I actually liked.  Let’s face it- it’s not easy!  Check out my brow video for a brief tutorial!  If you prefer reading… here are my tools I use to hook up my brows.  (My video is much better though!)

I LIVE for a good brow pomade!  I am so glad Anastasia came out with some pomades so I could find the perfect  color instead of using Dipdown by Mac.  (Dipdown is an eyeliner from Mac NOT a brow pomade/gel)

smallfeb-0007Left: Mac’s Fluidline in Dipdown Right: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

I had wanted to try Anastasia’s products but I wasn’t really interested in a pencil or duo product.  Luckily the pomades came out and now I am a lifelong customer!  There is SO much product in here and I have to use  so little, so this stuff will literally last me forever.  If you use Dipdown in your brows right now, Chocolate is a bit softer and less warm, so it was a better fit for me.


I use the worlds teensiest brush for applying it.  Seriously this thing is teensy!!  I use an angled liner brush and I prefer a skinny one because I have hella skinny brows!!!

eyebrow-0001small eyebrow-0002smallBrush pictured is from Crown Brushes – click link here to look at this brush!

There are four things that I look for in an eyebrow brush:

  • Stiffness (stiffer the better!- not crazy stiff though)
  • Thickness (For me, I need a super thin brush for my baby brows)
  • Angled (Must be angled-typically a liner brush)
  • Synthetic (Synthetic fibers tend to be a bit stiffer but softer on the skin than natural bristles)

Some basic tips for you if you feel like your brows are NOT doing the most right now:

  • Use less product!
  • Using a liner brush will help you get a more defined line than a pencil
  • Trim those thangs!  (Or use a clear brow gel!)
  • Use a concealer or brow wax to clean up the edges of your brows
  • Use a lighter color if you feel like your brows stand out too much

I hope this post helps and thanks for tuning in!