Favorite Concealers

Favorite Concealers

Concealer can make or break your whole facial situation.  In order to find the right one for you, it’s important to figure out what you need.   Color correction (hyperpigmentation), dark circles, highlighting, blemishes, rosacea, dark marks, etc are all various reasons for us using concealer.

Pictured below is a simple color wheel.  A color wheel can help you understand why there are green concealers in this world.  Across from green is…RED!  That’s right, that means that if you have red, you’ll want to cover it with green to completely erase it.  Now,  it doesn’t mean you should walk around looking like Shrek.  images


That was just an example to show you how this thing works.  While I have redness in my skin, I don’t cover it with green.  I prefer to use a soft yellow concealer if I have some redness I need to erase.  If you are looking to cover dark under-eye circles, check what’s across from blue/purple.  I spy salmon!  Ok, looks more like orange but I’m telling you to use salmon.  Trust, it works!

If you have dry skin –>  Girl, I would run with a softer, runnier concealer.  Liquid-y concealers will help to prevent buildup around any dry areas.

If you have oily skin –> Girl, most concealers will work for you, but look for a longer wearing one.  It will help to hold up through the day, a thicker formula would work great for you.

If you have normal skin–> Girl why are you even asking?  Wear whatever you want!

Let’s jump into my all-time favorite concealers!  I’ll start with higher end and jump into my favorite drugstore brands.

Mac Select Cover-Up $18

imgresWhy I love it: Perfect formula for those that have normal to dry skin.  Now, it still works if you have oily skin, but for those of us that need a concealer that won’t build up around dry areas- this is it!  It is liquid-y enough so it helps to smooth over any rough patches or flakes.  Full coverage to cover any dark marks, red marks, or under eye circles.  Lasts all day long & doesn’t settle into fine lines- need I say more?  This stuff is my FAV.





Mac Studio Finish SPF 35- $18      655008_fpx  

Why I love it:  So before I had dry skin, I had oily skin.  This was my favorite concealer during those times in my life.  This stuff is OPAQUE.  If you are looking to cover a blemish, scar, or dark marks- then look no further.  While this stuff is opaque, it goes on light.  I wouldn’t recommend using this around the eye area as it tends to sink into the finer lines because it is thicker.  If you like to sculpt your brows with a concealer, this is a great concealer for that.  While I would not recommend using this concealer if you have dry flaky skin,  it does do a good job of warming up and melting on to dryer areas.                                                   




Mac Pro Longwear -$19

longwearWhy I love it: This concealer is very similar to the Select Cover-Up, but it dries a bit differently on your skin.  It kinda smells like paint, and similar to paint, it tightens up a little as it dries.  The reason for this could of course be the fact that it is Longwear, and it is supposed to last up to 15 hours.  While I have no problem with Select Cover-Up lasting all day, if your skin is more on the oily/combo side I could see the Longwear working best for you.  Be careful when applying it, it dries fast and tight!  That and the freakin’ pump gives you enough product to cover your entire face. Great full coverage concealer.






Hard Candy Glamoflauge- $6

hcWhy I love it:  Did you see that it’s only $6?  I’m sure you did.  Though you have to brave the trenches of Wal-Mart (even their website sucks) to get this stuff, it’s worth it!  For my girls with normal to oily skin, this is a no brainer!  I love how creamy this formula is.  You could probably conceal your entire face with just a dot!  A little really goes a long way here, and it is opaque.  If you have dry, flaky, skin- I would stay away from this particular formula.  It is very thick and builds up around dry skin. Only downside is there are only 5 shades.   The lighter colors are fairly cool (pinker) and it appears there little to none for those with deeper skin tones.  It comes with a concealer pencil, which so far I have only used to line the outer edge of my lips to clean up a bold lipstick.







Hard Candy Lite Bright- $6


Why I love it:  For those of you into extreme contour and highlighting, Lite Bright would be a great addition to your highlighting arsenal.  The formula is creamy, (semi-thick like Glamoflauge) but it is BRIGHT!  I have the “Medium” shade and it is lighter than my “Light” Glamoflauge.  It will conceal while it highlights and brightens.  If you are looking to brighten up around the eye area, I would highly recommend this product!









What are some of your favorite concealers and why?  I would love to try them!