Inglot Haul+Review

Inglot Haul+Review

If there’s one thing I can count on to make me happy- it’s high quality, inexpensive makeup.  One of the many reasons I love Inglot’s products is that they are sold at a fair price while still giving you that fancy department store feel.

We all know it is more exciting to buy makeup when it comes in tiny little boxes.  After all, don’t you love coming home and unwrapping everything like it’s Christmas morning?  It’s an experience.  Not just an experience, it’s sacred!Over the years I have been building my collection of Inglot products and so far nothing has disappointed me.  Let me share with you all the products I love!

Here is a video review of all my Inglot products.  Down below will be tons of swatches!


Inglot implements a unique shopping experience.  They give you a magnetic tray and you shop by placing each individual shadow you want on to the tray.  Sneaky, isn’t it?  By the time you’re done you have a tray full of shadows.  Don’t worry, they’re only $7 each!  You can leave with a new pallet full and you didn’t break the bank.  I love that feeling….Sigh….

Here are some photos and swatches of the shadows I have (and some are in the Inglot pallets).



megahaul-0010I have had this urge to buy taupey/rosey toned eyeshadows.  I wanted some new blending shades to add to my collection.  I think I was able to find a few…


inglot eyes 1

inglot eyes 2

inglot eyes 3

As you can probably tell by looking at these swatches, they are very pigmented!  Not only are they pigmented, but they have a creamy texture to them.  I’ve noticed that less expensive eyeshadows tend to be chalky instead of creamy.  Used over a good base (like Mac’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot) these shadows have a great color payoff.

Inglot also offers a plethora of pigments.   I’ve noticed that their shiny pigments tend to be more like flakes than pigments.  I’m not sure what it is, but it’s strange!  They are really gorgeous but tend to be a tad more difficult to work with.  I would highly recommend Inglot’s Duraline (or a mixing medium) if you plan on using their pigments!






megahaul2-0020megahaul-0014 I think that’s all the Inglot eyeshadows I have….I think.  Now let me show you some liners.  I accidentally got this liquid liner at IMATS.  I didn’t order it (I would never intentionally purchase brown liquid liner) but there was way too much chaos to try and return it.  After inspecting it- it seems like a nice liner!  Too bad it isn’t black.

inglot-0007I made a few more impulse purchases at IMATS including multiple blue eyeliners.  Why?  To use as lipliner, of course!  inglot-0002

Between all these liners, I liked the texture of the Colour Play Eyeliner best.  It was the creamiest and most similar to a kohl liner.  The middle one (AMC liner) was my least favorite.  The texture kinda reminded me of using a crayon to draw on my skin.  Difficult and a minimal color payoff.  The middle swatch below took many, many swipes to get that color.


I don’t need to say much.  Other than this is my most FAVORITE gel liner…of all time.



Another product I love from Inglot is their blushes.  Only $11 for the freedom pan and $12 for the …..not freedom pan.  I love the texture of the blushes and the pigmentation.

inglot-0005inglot blush



Inglot’s lipsticks have a great quality.  However, the colors they have are kind of…strange.   Of course, I’m okay with strange.  Sometimes.  Yes I like my blue and purple lips.  When it comes to a neutral lip, I just don’t think Inglot has it!  Their range of colors is strange to me.  All very very light or very very pink.  If that’s your thing..then go!

inglot-0009lipstickI have a couple of their lip glosses.  One is an AMC strange, strange color.  The other is a lovely pale pink creamy gloss!  I love the Sleeks Cream formula, however I wasn’t in love with most of their shades in the line.

inglot-0008inglot sleeksinglot amc gloss


Overall, I love Inglot’s products.  Why wouldn’t I?  Great shadows, my FAVORITE gel liner, and strange colored lipsticks.  Inglot doesn’t have a ton of stand alone boutiques at the moment, but they are popping up inside Macy’s everywhere!