Naked 3

Naked 3

This palette is a pale girls dream.   Naked 3 came out last year, and yeah, I’m a bit late.  Not being a huge fan of Naked 1 or Naked 2, I originally decided to pass on the this one.  Then one day it clicked…I love rosey taupey shades!  I’m obsessing over every single shade in this palette- which is rare.  You can create some seriously romantic looks using this palette.  NOTE TO SELF: EVERY COLOR WILL TURN PURPLE ONCE TOUCHING YOUR SKIN.  



Click below to watch my quick tutorial using the Naked 3 palette!

I live for Urban’s eyeshadow formulas.  You really can’t do any better (Well you can, but that’s not the point).  What I love about this palette is that there are no duplicate shades like Naked 1 and Naked 2 had.  It makes it truly original.  They did a really good job putting together these shades, all the shimmery colors complement the matte shades and vice versa.

naked 3


I love all these shades.  I have a particularly difficult time working with “Dust”, however.  This shadow has a lot of loose silver glitter in it and makes it somewhat difficult to work with.  All the other shades are more metallic than glittery, if that makes any sense.  When I apply UD’s shimmer shades, I find that applying it with my finger makes it less messy.  If I want it to really pop, I add a spritz of Mac’s Fix+ to my brush (or finger) before putting it on.  That creates a sticky base for the shadow to stick to and also makes it shine more.

naked 3.1Here is the second half of the Naked 3 palette.  “Nooner” may be one of my new top favorite blending shadows.  Seriously, they better come out with this in a single size soon!  “Factory”, “Mugshot”, and “Darkside” start to resemble Naked 1, but they still look great with the rest of the palette.  “Blackheart” was a gorgeously deep, rich burgundy brown to add to this palette.  I am thrilled that they didn’t just throw a black shadow at the end and call it a day.  It has pinkish sparkles in it (which disappear if you blend it out).  If you choose to apply this color wet, the sparkles stick around and are like, SO pretty.

This palette contains yet another brush that I will most likely not use for eyeshadow, however, I think it would be great to use for concealer!

I kind of cheated in my tutorial I posted on YouTube, since I added a shadow not included in the palette.  Sue me.  I got these two UD shadows when I purchased Naked 3, and you can’t tell me that “Sellout” isn’t the perfect color to add to any Naked 3 look!  I love how bright it is, I wish the palette included this color.  It just belongs!  Not only that, but I think Naked 3 needs a brighter light color that isn’t so….pink.  When used with Mac’s Fix+, it is like an ultra sexy situation on your eye.



naked 3.2

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