Stila “In the Know”

Stila “In the Know”

This is my first Stila purchase!   How exciting, right?  I even splurged on a palette!  What sold me on this particular palette is that they are all matte.  Finally!  I just wanted a palette with no useless silver shimmer in it, and here it is!  Check out my video tutorial using this lovely palette!

sephora-0002Not only does this palette not include a useless shimmer I will never wear, it includes an eyeliner that I will actually use!  Score!  The eyeliner is a creamy deep smoky grey which I am actually loving.  It really ties the whole palette together, and it’s not a thoughtless black that they just threw in.  Cheers to that!



The shade of this “smudge stick” is “Honeymoon”.  It is very lovely and creamy!  Not a huge fan of the twisty pencils, though…

stila1I must apologize for how sickly my skin looks in the swatches pictured above.  Not sure what’s going on there.  Anyway.  These shadows have a nice, creamy texture that blend surprisingly well.   I am really loving every single shade.  “Air” and “Wind” are perfect for highlighting under the brow or brightening up the lid.  “Wind” is just a tad more beige than “Air” is.  I love variety!  “Clay” and “Desert” are some seriously magical blending shades!  I would also use them if I was doing a really soft look in my crease with minimal eyeliner.  I believe that the previous sentence is a fragment and grammatically incorrect, but it’s too hard to fix.  You know what I mean.

stila 2Now, THESE colors are no joke!!  SO pigmented and so gorgeous.  What really caught my eye about this palette was “Fire”.  It is a beautiful burnt orange.  It reminds me of “Persia” from Nars.  I wasn’t quite ready to drop $30 on a single orange shadow from Nars, so I figured this $36 palette would curb my craving.  The Nars shade is more red than “Fire” is.  I love sweeping it on my bottom lash line.  “Driftwood” and “Rain” are SO pretty!  Neutral-y cool taupe shades.  When I first looked at “Smoke”, I honestly didn’t think I would wear it.  Until I swatched it!  I had no idea it had some deep blue in it.  “Ebony” is pretty much a muted standard black, nothing that special about it, but I’ll take it.

For $36, Stila really created a lovely, versatile palette.   I don’t love it’s packaging.  I feel like I lose a lot of product between the cracks of the different colors.  I know that sounds anal and absurd, but I wish it looked a little bit more form-fitting (for a lack of better term).  Other than that, I would actually repurchase this thing!  I rarely say that about palettes.  Nice one, Stila!